Among the most in-demand professions, you often encounter these two: Graphic design and UI/UX design. Although both involve design, the professions are quite different. Before choosing between them, we suggest you get acquainted with the features, similarities, and differences of these professions.

Who is a UI/UX Designer?

A UI/UX designer creates the visual appearance of websites and mobile applications, ensuring effective interaction between users and the interface.

UX (User Experience) refers to how users interact with the interface and how convenient the website or mobile application is for them. The task of a UX designer is to ensure the functionality of the website or mobile application. Good UX determines how quickly a user can find what they are looking for.

UI (User Interface) is the user interface itself. In other words, UI is the design of the website, which includes color combinations, fonts, and basic site elements (buttons, icons, etc.). The UI designer creates a visually appealing yet convenient and understandable visual.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer also works with images, colors, fonts, and other graphic elements. However, unlike a UI/UX designer who creates designs for websites and mobile applications, a graphic designer creates graphic images such as:

1. Logos for brands,
2. Posters, flyers,
3. Book and magazine layouts,
4. Business cards,
5. Corporate styles,
6. Product packaging, and more.

Final Product

A graphic designer primarily works for a final product. For example, when creating a logo, brand book, or corporate style for a company, the graphic designer’s work receives its final form.When there is a need for changes or rebranding, it can be considered as a new project.

Unlike a graphic designer, a web designer constantly works in a dynamic environment. Menus, navigation, styles of texts and icons, as well as the site’s content, need to be updated from time to time. Therefore, a web designer, making the necessary changes, often continues to improve the project even after it is completed.

These are the similarities between these two professions:

1. Both specialists must be well-versed in the basic principles of graphics and design, such as typography, composition, and color theory.
2. Both must focus on the creative solution to the client’s problem. Unlike art, design is not created purely for aesthetics. There is always a practical problem that needs to be solved.
3. Graphic designers and web designers must be able to justify their decisions to the client or their team, so communication skills are crucial for both professions.
4. Both professions are in demand and have promising career prospects.

Choosing Between Web Design and Graphic Design

If you are primarily interested in creating interfaces and designing user journeys, you may choose the UI/UX designer profession. But if you are interested in creating corporate styles for brands, logos, and illustrations, then the graphic designer profession would be the best choice.

Thus, we recommend paying attention to the surrounding objects and identifying what questions arise when you look at, for example, a website, an application screen, food packaging, or a company’s logo. If they relate to the visual side, you might try your hand at graphic design. If the questions are more about product functionality, then the web designer profession may be closer to you.

However, initial specialization in one field does not prevent transitioning to the other over time. This transition will be facilitated by knowledge of basic design concepts and programs, as well as developed soft skills.